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FlexPatrol Security Guard Tour Software

FlexPatrol Guard Tour Software

FlexPatrol™ – iOS and Android security guard tour software for security management.

Improve security patrol visibility and thoroughness while guiding officers through standard operating procedures (SOP’s) configured for display on ruggedized hand held PDA’s. The system is designed for paperless recording and validation of guard tour activity, incidents and fire life safety inspections.

FlexPatrol™ provides one intuitive easy to configure security software for guard tours. This powerful tool doesn’t stop with prompting simple questions. Non-default answers drive logic for user defined immediate response and procedures. Incident data that can include photo’s are captured immediately in field with the PDA, guiding officers through pre defined standard operating procedures.

Daily activity and exception reports are generated automatically through a comprehensive reporting dashboard. Special reports can be configured to user defined requirements. Incidents, free format notes and non-default answers will generate automated emails or SMS messages to supervisors or other authorities for action.

Mobile Guard Tour Incident Reporting Inspections

FlexPatrol™ uses Microsoft Windows™ industrial ruggedized PDA’s equipped with imbedded bar code scanners. These PDA’s unlike consumer smart phone devices are designed for use in challenging environments that security organization work. Location points on routes are identified by using bar codes.

When points are scanned the system prompts questions. Questions can be yes/no, multiple choice/select or require alpha-numeric input with high/low parameters ideal for critical temperature and liquid level inspections. Questions are configured so default answers are expected. When answers are outside of the accepted ranges, pre-configured logic prompts are used to disclose issue details. These exceptions are automatically processed and reported to supervisors.

The tour data collected has time, date and location validated instantly. Time spent with hand written and transcribing reports is eliminated. Collected data is transmitted wirelessly or via docking stations. FlexPatrol™ is carefully designed to rapidly scan location points and to protect and secure data collected until validation of the transfer to the database has been confirmed. There is never a need to be connected to a web browser or wireless connection.