Supporting Android™ and iOS™

FlexSystems now offers Software as a Service (SAS) providing fast and effective implementation without the IT issues commonly experienced with internal systems. Highly Restricted Government sites requiring onsite implementation are also easily implemented.

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FlexPatrol™ Mobile Fire Life Safety Inspection software is an ideal paperless solution for fire life safety managers seeking technology solutions that can reduce costs while improving the efficiency and effectiveness of field staff involved in the daily inspection of fire extinguishers, safety equipment and other life safety/security related duties.
FlexPatrol™ guides internal or contracted employees through an extensive list of safety, security and facility based inspections. The system is user configurable for single or multiple missions. We provide standard operating procedures but you can define your own in a day.
The FlexPatrol™ Fire Life Safety adds many features that allow for the complete management of fire life safety related inspection compliance in one easy to implement tool. FlexPatrol™ Fire Life Safety is all you need for paperless fire and safety inspection.

FlexPatrol™ EH&S Mobile Fire Extinguisher Inspection - ABC

FlexPatrol™ Fire and Safety Inspection Software - Manual Pull Station

Complete NFPA regulatory related inspections for:

Fire extinguishers
Fire Hose Riser pressures
Fire doors
Sprinkler Control
Flammable Liquid Cabinet Pull Stations
Fire Hydrants
Smoke detectors
Eye Wash Stations
Exit signs
Emergency lighting
Fire Panels
And More!
FlexPatrol™ Fire Life Safety uses Android™ and iOS™ devices with integrated barcode scanners for capturing data in field fire life safety inspection. Inspections follow NFPA inspection guidelines and reporting for fire extinguisher, risers, smoke detector, sprinkler & etc. FlexPatrol™ is provided with standard procedure inspections, or you can create your own inspection processes. Ask as many questions you want at each location you choose, then drive your operational procedures as operators respond to those questions.
Automated Exception reports are generated after tours are complete to alert supervisors of issues that were encountered in the field. Fire extinguisher locations validate that the proper type and size of equipment is properly located .
Data collected is stored in the PDA until transmitted to a data base for reporting either wireless or via docking stations in high security applications. The system has been carefully designed to rapidly acknowledge scanned locations and assets while protecting data collected until validation of data transfer to the data base has been confirmed.
Fire life safety assets are tracked and managed in the FlexAsset Manager. Location of assets with along with description, asset value, inspection history and the future inspection dates for inspections and maintenance requirements are controlled inside the FlexAsset Manager.
Automated email exception reporting distributes notifications for immediate response situations. The system allows for automatic month end inspection reports, incident, activity and exception reporting. The FlexPatrol™ Fire Life Safety report module includes a comprehensive list of popular reports that meet NFPA and internal audit requirements.
If you believe that we may be able to help you find a solution to your security, fire life safety needs please contact us for a more in depth demonstration of our systems capabilities and how FlexPatrol™ Fire Life Safety can benefit your organization.
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