Intelligent, paperless inspection solutions for iPhone and Android cellular devices.

Guard Tour and inspection software supporting Android and iOS devices with camera barcode scanning, integrated laser or NFC tags to streamline your security patrol, fire protection, facility management and specialized auditing requirements.

Guard Tour and Inspections beyond your imagination

Get Business Relevant, Accurate and High-Quality Data to Drive Insights-based Decision Making

Empower your security with FlexPatrol: innovative, reliable, and flexible solutions for comprehensive protection and peace of mind.

Data is automatically downloaded, and reports generated via email to keep you in full compliance with your facilities SOP’s.

FlexPatrol also complies with today’s encryption standards ensuring a safe data environment complying with your organizations IT requirements.

FlexPatrol is turn-key and ready to be deployed at your facility with ease. No need to pick and choose different levels of plans as ours is fully functional for both Fire and Life Safety and/or Security Patrol applications.
We have developed a complete suite of questions and actions to be taken to manage all exceptions found during inspections. FlexSystems LLC has developed this “Ready to Go” inspection software over the last 20 years.
FlexPatrol Security

FlexPatrol offers a comprehensive mobile phone-based software platform

with barcodes for Security Guard Tours, Incident Reporting and Fire Life Safety inspections. We provide verifiable paperless inspections, Incident reporting and documentation for compliance with regulatory standards. FlexPatrol includes Automated Daily Activity Logs, Exception Reports, Missed Point Notification and E-Mail Alerts which are all configured for you.
A multitude of Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P) are preloaded for your selection.

Here are some examples from our standard Security systems.

Fire Life Safety Inspection Software

FlexPatrol Mobile Fire & Life Safety software is an ideal tool for performing barcode inspections on Fire Extinguishers, Fire Doors, Standpipes/Risers/Valves, Sprinklers, Smoke Detectors, Pumps and Generators. Our system includes standard NFPA inspection procedures, or you can configure your own audits. We provide verifiable, paperless reporting for compliance with NFPA regulatory standards. FlexPatrol Fire & Life is a comprehensive Asset Manager and Deficiency Corrective Action notification tool.

A multitude of Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P) are preloaded for your selection.

Here is just a short list of the many examples we have for Fire Inspections and Safety.
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