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FlexSystems delivers complete, paperless, barcode and NFC based solutions for medium and large institutions.

Choose you own platform supporting Android and iOS devices with camera barcode scanning, integrated laser or NFC tags to streamline your security patrol, fire protection, facility management and specialized auditing requirements.

FlexSystems is a leading developer of barcode based data collection applications that eliminate paper based collection methods by using Android and iOS devices. FlexSystems products are software solutions tailored for security, fire life safety and industrial operations where regulation compliance is critical. Flexibility has been developed into each application for both ease of use and configuration.

  • FlexPatrol™ Mobile security tour software
  • FlexPatrol™ Fire & Life Safety
  • FlexPatrol™ Hospital Security & Safety
  • FlexPatrol™ Water and Wastewater

Solutions are provided with industry standard question sets and procedures to meet anticipated regulatory compliance. Multiple options are available from Smart phones to Ruggedized Android or iOS devices with built in bar-code scanners, guide field personnel through inspection and data collection and missions, validating and processing electronic reports automatically.

Tours, inspections and incident data are collected real time using customizable operational procedures that guide operators through logic paths configured to meet regulatory standards.

Dashboard of reporting tools work automatically in the background to produce and distribute electronic reports, alerts and work order requests.

FlexSystems solutions and databases have been configured to support multiple operations, maintenance and accounting based software solutions and are ideal for supporting multiple field data collection needs all with one easy to use system.

Client based or hosted solutions are available.

Please contact us with any questions about our products or services.