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FlexPatrol Municipal Water & Wastewater Operations Software

FlexPatrol™ Municipal Water & Wastewater operations is designed to improve operations and maintenance duties within the water, wastewater and remediation industry. The system provides the framework for automating and supporting solutions for multiple issues facing these water & wastewater operations.

FlexOps PDA Operations Video Overview

FlexOps scanning in actionOur aging work force has already begun to affect personnel changes in infrastructural municipal water facilities. The erosion of “tribal knowledge” related to facility operations can lead to costly mistakes by inexperienced personnel.

Increased regulation on facility output have municipal plant managers seeking technology based solutions that can help meet many of these new challenges while operating in a cost reduction environment. Management and operators are seeking alternatives to inefficient paper based data collection, storage and analysis processes.

FlexOps Durability Testing Video


FlexPatrol™ Municipal Water & Wastewater operations is delivered with industry known standard operating procedures for many inspection requirements. The program has been developed for amazing flexibility for both use and configuration. The system allows users to develop any and all procedures as required.

FlexPatrol™ bridges many of the gaps related to the loss “tribal knowledge” by providing an effective platform for documenting infrastructural procedure and system nuances in the field where needed.

FlexPatrol – Hach WIMS – LabWorks

Android and iOS phones and ruggedized devices with embedded barcode scanners are utilized with the system to provide a paper free electronic method for collection and validation of field operations data collection duties. Data collected is automatically processed and reports distributed.


FlexOps is the ideal tool for:

  • Daily, Monthly and Annual Inspections
  • SCADA output validation
  • Maintenance – View operations and maintenance manual data in field when needed on the pocket PC.
  • Sample tracking – Insure chain of custody for sample tracking, Validation with laboratory LIMS systems.
  • Incident reporting
  • Safety/Security tours
  • Work order initiation for maintenance
  • Access equipment calibration procedures in the field.
  • Automated standard operating procedure guidance
  • Increase work force productivity and visibility.
  • Simplified EPA / State audit compliance

FlexPatrol™ collected can be shared automatically when data is required for products such as Operator 10, Hach WIMS™, OPS-SQL, laboratory information systems (LIMS), and many maintenance (CMMS) software applications.

FlexPatrol Water and Wastewater Data Collection Software Video